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Each September the Federal Government has established as National Preparedness Month.  Its a reminder for all to take a few minutes to think about how emergencies will effect you or your family.  This could ranger from weather related incidents such as a tornado, blizzards, or flooding, to a localized emergency such as a pipeline eruption, to a hazardous material release close to your location.  Please take a few minutes to click on the icon below to be taken to Ohio's Emergency Management's website to review some issues, and help you prepare for these types of emergencies. 

Sheriff Matthew B. Treglia


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04/22/09 - Mortgage Modification Scam Avoidance

7/12/10 Multiple county cooperation captures possible subject involved in Aggravated Robberies and Home Invasions

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      Ohio's Concealed Carry Area Juvenile Curfew
The Allen County Sheriff's Office accepts completed Ohio Concealed Carry applications from 8:00AM to 4:00PM More… View local township curfew times and dates for your area Download...